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  • I uninstalled and reinstalled Fast Reports and the crash disappeared, but when I ran RAD Studio 11, I encountered several popup error messages because it was trying to load Fast Reports code from the 2024.2.4 folder and I had just installed 2024.2.6…
  • I did a repair, but that did not fix the problem. The text for the repair option states: Repair installation errors. This option corrects any missing or corrupt files, shortcuts, or registry entries. If frx28.bpl was corrupt, repair should have fi…
  • The editor removed my spacing! Imagine a gap between column3 and column4 wide enough to fit the title into. That is what I was attempting to illustrate.
  • That's a great answer if the object already exists, but I'm calling AddPrintable to add a printable object that doesn't already exist. I think the correct answer is InsertComponent, but I'm still testing that theory. So this Quick Reports line:  …
  • Thanks for your response. It probably saved me from wasting time!
  • Report.Engine.NewPage got me past this particular problem. Thanks Fast Reports people!
  • Ticket 931522 has been created. I discovered that I can display underlines using font properties and set the Underlines property to False, but it still affects the entire line. The font and underline property seem to be independent of one another.
  • Thanks for your response! 2023.2.1 is the version of Fast Reports I am using, and I am setting the properties of a TfrxMemoView Object. Originally, I had set the Underlines property to True and the UnderlinesTextMode to ulmUnderlinesText, then I t…