How to Show the Properties Panel in the DesignerControl

I am new to Fast Reports, just been using it a few days. I am using it in a C# WinfForms .Net 4.5 application that was using ActiveReports (Yuck).

I am truing to put into the program the ability for the user to design a report inside the app, like I have with Active Reports.

I put the DesignerControl in one of my windows and I can attach a report object to the designer control's report property. This shows the report design fine.

However, there is no panel to view the properties of the items in the desing. I see a menu option called "Properties" but it does nothing. Also I think I am missing outer panels, like I think there should be a data panel and maybe others.



  • that is not the way to show the designer, no need to initialize your own designercontrol.

    Report report = new Report();



  • ** that is not the way to show the designer

    Opps. Correct. That is what I tried at first, its very active-reports-like. but didn't compile. I switched to setting the report's designer object.

    Although that detail is hidden in the code because i use wrapper classes that makes it look like the designer is being attached to the report (report-wrapper).

    So the problem still exists. In visual studio, in the forms designer I doo see e proeprties panel in the designer control that appears on my window. But when that "real" window is open, the designer control does not show a properties window.

    I just thought of something. I don't have a paid version (yet--we are going with this over active reports). Is this just a restriction of the free download?

  • actually you can still use the designercontrol object, after you attach the report object, call RefreshLayout();

    designerControl1.Report = report;


  • That did it! Thanks.

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