Problems with the representation of special characters

If you use special characters in the TfrxRichView, they are displayed in the wrong place or the following text is displayed in bold, etc. Examples are e.g. the ≤, μ, < character and some others. I have tried it already with latest unstable version 6.8.11. Unfortunately, the problem still exists here.

With the μ character it seems to be e.g. that one can write it in WordPad or Word as RTF text correctly in the font "Segoe UI Semilight", but with the Copy & Paste the text after the μ character is completely converted to another font e.g. "Segoe UI Semilight Greek" which is not even installed on the system. And actually the special character also exists in the font "Segoe UI Semilight". Hope you can help me our here?


  • gpigpi Volnovakha, Ukraine

    Attach your RTF sample here

  • Just try this text snippet as rtf "Examples are e.g. the ≤, μ, < character and some others. I have tried it already with latest unstable version 6.9.1. Unfortunately, the problem still exists here."

    It will happend with different characters. Maybe special unicode characters???

    In the preview everything is fine. But when you try to export it to a PDF directly out from FastReports, then you will see the special character ≤ is moved "somewhere". When you use the PDF creation via "printer device" like the "Print to PDF" printer then the output is correct. So it has to be a problem with the PDF export from FastReports itself, right?

    Thanks a lot for your quick "hotfix" in advance!

  • gpigpi Volnovakha, Ukraine

    Send your report template (fr3) and prepared report (fp3) to

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