PDF Creator & Producer (Document) Information change


I want to programitically change "Creator/Producer paramtere values via programming in vb.net.

How can i do this.


  • You can use:

    PDFExport pdfExport = new PDFExport();

    pdfExport.Creator = "CreatorName";

    pdfExport.Producer = "ProducerName";

  • Try

          Dim i As Integer

          i = DataGridView1.CurrentRow.Index

        currentid = DataGridView1.Item(0, i).Value.ToString()

        MsgBox(currentid & " : Please note this ID for Report Printing", vbInformation)

         Dim report1 As New Report



          Dim myreportx As String = "D:\Letter_Head.pdf"

          myreportx = myreportx.Replace(".pdf", "_" & System.DateTime.Now.ToString("dd-MM-yyyy") & "_" & DateTime.Now.ToString("hh-mm-ss") & ".pdf")

          Dim export As FastReport.Export.Pdf.PDFExport = New FastReport.Export.Pdf.PDFExport()

          report1.Export(export, myreportx)


         Catch ex As Exception

          ' MsgBox(ex.Message)

        End Try

    This is my vb.net code. Where I need to put your code and please provide in vb.net not in C Sharp.


  • Thanks It worked. I converted c sharp code to vb.net online.

    Thanks. It worked like a charm. You are genius.

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