class TfrxChartView not found


When I open a form that contains a chart View in Pier 10.4.2 it shows this message and I cannot visually edit the form



  • PolomintPolomint Australia

    Some questions first.

    Which version of FastReport are you using?

    Which "licence" type? (Are you relying on the edition that comes with 10.4.2 or do you have a separately purchased "licence"?)

    Have you just upgraded to 10.4.2 from a previous version of the IDE?

    Did you reinstall your "separately purchased 'licence' copy" after any IDE upgrade?

    Cheers, Paul

  • Thanks for your answer

    version FastReport 6 VCL Enterprise

    separately purchased

    We lost version 10.2 and bought and installed version 10.4.2 architect, and we have the problem with the sources of programs developed with 10.2

    first install embarcadero 10.4.2, after install fastreport 6


  • PolomintPolomint Australia

    Did you run the Recompile.exe (in "C:\Program Files (x86)\FastReport VCL Enterprise") for 10.4?

    Lateral thought: have you checked the location where your developed programs put / find their Unit Object files (*.dcu)? Ours go in "N:\Delphi\Projects\20.0\Win32\Debug\Units\" (separate folder for "Release"). In the past we have found a lot of leftover frx*.dcu (and fs*.dcu) files there which cause problems building / linking our code.

    Cheers, Paul

  • PolomintPolomint Australia

  • thanks Paul

    We have FastReport VCL 6 Enterprise Single,

    We do not have this option, the last version that allows us to recompile is 10.2


  • PolomintPolomint Australia

    Ah! That seems to be the problem.

    I think you need to update your FastReport 6 Vcl. The last version available (before the new Subscription Licence came into effect in May) was v6.9.12. It definitely supported RAD Studio 10.4.

    You can confirm which version of FastReport you have installed by opening the file:

    = C:\Program Files (x86)\FastReport 6 VCL Enterprise\Source\

    I cannot remember which version of V6 added support for 10.4 but it was 6.2.9 or 6.2.10 that added support for 10.3, so your copy seems to be older than that.

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers, Paul

  • Thank you

    But I still can't recompile with 10.4 in the image you can see that I have the .12 version and the D27 library loaded but I can't open a form with the class tfrxChartView

  • PolomintPolomint Australia
    edited June 2021

    Thanks for the update...

    I must admit I am running out of ideas. 🤔

    The duplicate path to ..\LibD27 shouldn't matter. But don't recognise the link for:

    = C:\Program Files (x86)\FastReport 6 Vcl Enterprise\Lib-D1064632330

    Is this perhaps an out-of-date or backup copy of a previous installation?

    The complete list of Library Paths (32-bit only) from one of our machines (Delphi 10.4.2 / FastReport Vcl 2021) is below.

    Cheers, Paul

    Afterthought. I've run a search FastReport installed folders on the same machine (of the screenshot above) for frxChart.* files (the Component TfrxChartView is declared in frxChart.pas.

  • PolomintPolomint Australia

  • Hey this may be too late but I encountered a similar situation.

    LeadUp: loading a report template I built elsewhere into cbuilder design form, compiling successfully but on runtime generates the TfrxChartView not found.

    Fix: I dragged all the frx components onto the form and conducted a clean/compile

    the program error was no longer generated

    removed the no longer necessary components

    conducted clean/compile

    the program still did not generate the error anymore

    Hope this helps anyone else

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