How to print GS1-CODE128 ?


i need to create and print a GS1-CODE128.

I have tried to create a report with a barcode label.

Iput a TfrxBarcodeVie and i set the Text property with a text like this:

-Barcode Type : bcGS1Code128

-Text : (20)8001234890123(21)004012261(37)00000126(90)002(4000)123456

But when i try to execute i received the error "

What i wrong ? The GS (20),(21) etc. are correct ?

Thank you very much !!!


  • gpigpi Volnovakha, Ukraine



    as barcode's text or

    ' (20)80(21)004012261(37)00000126(90)002(400)123456'

    As expression

  • edited November 2021

    I am trying this construct, but always get errors.

    For example Invalid barcode or ';' is missing.

    How can i produce a GS1-kompatible barcode?

    For example:

    I want to print this barcode


    By scanning it should be interprated as FNC1021234567890FNC1400KTPOW211111WEE

    I am able to set the properties of the bcGS1Code128, but when printing i ran into an exception ('Invalid Barcode').

    I am using Fast-Report 6 with Delphi 11.

    Thanks for help

    Kind regards

    Hartwig Pudzich

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