How to load a rtf String into TfrxRichView component

I use PascalScript in my report and from reading the documentation i assumed i could just do

Rich1.text := 'My text';

Which does not work.

After lots of googling, the only thing i found was a forum post showing how to load from file:


From that, i tried some guesses like


But without success. What i conclude is that i would like to see the full definition of the TfrxRichView component with all it's properties and methods.

My end-goal is to display some html that is in my DB. As FR can only do some inline HTML, i want to convert it via code to rtf and output that conversion result. This is the only way i see. Any better ideas?


  • By accident, i found this to work:

    procedure Rich1OnBeforePrint(Sender: TfrxComponent);


     Rich1.RichEdit.lines.Text := '{\rtf1\ansi{\colortbl;\red0\green0\blue255;}{\pard {\bBlah} {{{weet}}} {\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK "good.html"}}{\fldrslt{\ul\cf1cool}}}\par}}';


    Now, i would still like to know why that is, as i only found references like  Rich1.RichEdit.Text

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