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I have an Dutch application with reports in different languages NL D ENG. The dates are DD MM YYYY by default. Now I want to display the days and months in the correct language in the view. Example NL Monday, D Montag, ENG Monday. How can I achieve this in FastReport?

In Delphi i have :

function DagvdweekENG(Value TDateTime): string;

const Days array[1..7] of string = ('Sunday','Monday','Tuesday','Wednesday','Thursday','Friday','Saturday');


Result = Days[DayofWeek(Value)];


Is this also possible in FastReport? Or is there another solution


  • Use


     Months: array[1..12] of string;

     Days: array[1..7] of string;


     Months[1] := 'January';

     Months[2] := 'February';

     Months[3] := 'March';

     Months[4] := 'April';

     Months[5] := 'May';

     Months[6] := 'June';

     Months[7] := 'July';

     Months[8] := 'August';

     Months[9] := 'September';

     Months[10] := 'October';

     Months[11] := 'November';

     Months[12] := 'December';

     Days[1] := 'Su';

     Days[2] := 'Mo';

     Days[3] := 'Tu';

     Days[4] := 'We';

     Days[5] := 'Th';

     Days[6] := 'Fr';

     Days[7] := 'Sa';


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