Where do I found a explanation how to use TfrxUserDataset

Hello Everybody,

I'm using Fastreport with Delphi 11 but don't have much expirence with it. Now I'm looking for an explanation how I can use the TfrxUserDataset object !

At the end I need to use 3 different Bands (MasterBand) in my Report with I guess three TfrxUserDataset object.

I don't use any database in my code. All data I want to print are generated in at the code.

I added a MasterBand to my report, maybe it is the the wrong Band ! I assigned the TfrxUserDataset object via the 'DataSet' property to this MasterBand in the Report !

I set the RangeEnd to reCount and the RangeEndCount to the max count I expected.

I added a Memo field to the band and named it "[field1]". I thought I will get an "OnGetValue" event in my Delphi code, and I can set the variable with some data. But I got an error "undeclared identifiere: field1"

How do I get the data to the Report ?

I guess I need to specify Fields inside the masterband ( like a Memo )

What do I need to specify at the TfrxUserDataset.Fields property?

I would like to see any samples !

Does anyone can give me an explanation or some hint or ..

Thanks for yor help


  • PolomintPolomint Australia


    I haven't used this component myself, but I did find this post on the Forums that might help you.


    I realise it is using VB but you might get some ideas...

    Cheers, Paul

  • Something like this should work:

     DMMyReport.frxUserDataSetTest.RangeBegin   := rbFirst;

     DMMyReport.frxUserDataSetTest.RangeEnd     := reCount;

     DMMyReport.frxUserDataSetTest.RangeEndCount := FOrder.Count;


    Where DMMyReport is a TDataModule. That should get you these OnGetValue calls.

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