Issue with printing from WebReport

Hello everyone,

I am unfortunately experiencing a very weird issue.

Basically, I am printing to a continous chit printer via the webreport component. On selecting print via browser option (to an Epson TM20 chit printer), the browser is generating an extra page (as per image 1) and causing the printer to go in error state. Tried this both through Chrome and Edge.

As a side note, the size of the paper is being calculated at runtime via the below script which is taking effect (Text112.Text is outputting the right values).

I would appreciate any insight.

Thanks in advance!


Code below to calculate the page height:

 private void Data1_AfterPrint(object sender, EventArgs e)


   reportHeight += (sender as BandBase).Height;


     private void Page1_StartPage(object sender, EventArgs e)




    Page1.PaperHeight = (reportHeight + GroupHeader1.Height+GroupHeader2.Height+

     GroupFooter2.Height+GroupFooter1.Height)/Units.Millimeters + Page1.TopMargin +


    Text112.Text= Page1.PaperHeight.ToString();



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