Force tFRXAdoQuery to execute and show data fields in report designer

If I put an ADOQuery on the data tab and it has more than one parameter in the sql query then the data tab on the right will show the query object name but not the data fields that the query is selecting. That makes it pretty hard to design a report. I can get it done by making the query have no parameters, design the report and then fix up the query to have proper parameters in the end. The funny thing is ... even when the query has several parameters and wont show the data fields to select for the report, if I preview the report the sql query runs just fine and shows the correct results. The frxadoquery is linked to an frxadodatabase on the data tab of the designer. I want the data selection for the report to be entirely housed within the report and not point to a dataset in the program that is running the report. The report gets executed from a Delphi program that knows how to supply the proper variable to the report which get used by the sql query. At design time, the parameters have defaults which makes the query show good results in preview. ANYWAY ,... how do I make that frxadoquery show data fields in designer. It did at one time if I opened the query, clicked the green checkbox to save it and the data fields appeard. I could use them in the report design but when i left the report design (i.e. switch to report variables to set a new value) the data fields would disappear but could be brought back by resaving (green check mark) the frxadoquery. Now it wont show them under any circumstances. I do reuse a parameter name several times in the query and setting IgnoreDupParameters true or false doesn't make it work. Anybody else had this problem.

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