Showing Data from one Datasource based on Data from another Datasource

Hi Folks,

I have 2 data sources in xml format.

Data source 1 contains various operation data.

Data source 2 contains tool data.

Each operation also contains an ID or a name to a used tool from source 2.

I want to make a report exclusively with data from source 2, this is no problem.

But I also want to make a second report that consists mainly of data from source 1, but also shows some information from source 2.

Since source 1 has a reference to source 2 anchored in the XML as described as (numeric) ID or name I should be able to access different columns somehow, right?


Source 2

Fields: OperationName | ID_source2 | other...

Source 1

Fields: OperationName | ID_source2 | other...

Report should show:

OperationName | Description(IDsource2) | Diameter(IDsource2) 

I hope you know what I try to achieve. I'm not an expert but I think we talk about the system which is used in databases, known as Primary key/ Forreign Key relationship....

Best regards,



  • Hi all,

    I figured out how it works and was just a little lost in the documentation!

    The key is like I mentioned, to build a relationship. This can be done in the data window. There is a button "Actions" -> New Relation

    After building the relation you can use data from both sources combined.



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