A Class with the name TfrxDMPPage exists allready


as soon as I put TfrxReport component in several DLLs and load the second DLL , this error occurs.

This did not happen with Embarcadero 10.3.3 and Fastreport 6.5.

I have jus bougt a Team Lic. for 4 people, and my software depends strongly on the usage of DLLs so I need help here.

I use the latest version of Fastreport. 2023 1. 3

thanks in Advance


  • PolomintPolomint Australia


    How did you upgrade from v6 to v2023? In particular, how did you delete v6?

    Are there still references to v6 Paths in the IDE Options?

    Cheers, Paul

  • Hi,

    the V6 is on an other, - older Machine (PC) with Builder 10.3 and Fastreport 6.5 on it.

    The Project(s) I use are copied from this machine. So I setup each Project, DLL or BPL or exe, from scratch with Builder 11.2 and Fastreport 2023, to avoid such Path quirks. But I found the solution: I added (old) Datamoduls from disk into those new projects with frxReport on it. I did not design any Form from scratch. Anyway, the projects Runtime-Packages- List where never updated with the BPLs when adding a Form with an Fastreport TfrxReport component on it. By adding all neccessary BPLs in each Runtime-Package-List, it starts to work as it should.

    The List is: fqb280;frx28;frxADO28;frxDB28;frxDBX28;frxe28;frxHTML28;frxIBX28;frxIntIO28;frxIntIOBase28;frxIntIOIndy28;frxPDF28;frxTee28;fs28;fsADO28;fsDB28;fsIBX28;fsTee28

    Reason: I am not good in Pascal and how those DLLs are linked together. But when you do not have those BPLs in your Projects Runtime-Package-List, every Third Party BPL is linked in your DLL/EXE which creates some how TfrcDMPPage in a static way. If the second DLL ist loaded in the same way, TfrcDMPPage allready exists you get the errror. If you design every thing from scratch this problem will not occure.

    Learned: Maintain your Runtime-Package-List

  • PolomintPolomint Australia
    edited January 20


    Glad you sorted it out. Much more valuable to have achieved it yourself too! 😉

    Cheers, Paul

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