How to get values carry-forward from previous page?

Hi, I'm trying to make an invoice in Fast-Report, and the invoice will have a sum of values in the page. Now, if the invoice spans across multiple pages (too many rows for one page) I'm facing a problem - I cannot bring the sum from previous page as a "Carry Forward value" and thus cannot get the grand total of the values.

Here is an example of the values:

Page 1:


ABCD | 10|10.50|105.00

DEFG | 21|22.45| 471.45

SUM: QTY: 31 |TOTAL: 576.45

Page 2:

HIJK | 15| 45.00| 675.00

SUM: QTY: 15 |TOTAL: 675.00


So far, I can achieve this using Page Footer.

However, what I want to have is, for the second page to have something like this:

Page 2:

Balance Forward: QTY: 31 | TOTAL: 576.45

HIJK | 15| 45.00| 675.00

SUM: QTY: 46 | 1251.45


I have tried with Page Header/Footer, Group Header/Footer, Column Header/Footer, none of them can give me the desired result - namely, I don't know how I can carry the SUM from page 1 to page 2 - there is nothing in Fast Reports that I know of, could do a carry forward. Can someone tell me how to do a carry forward in Fast report or confirm that this is impossible in Fast Report, so that I'll just try to convince my client the tool I used is unable to do what he demands.

Thanks in advance.



  • gpigpi
    edited November 2021

    Store required values in the report variables and use they on the second page

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