Drill down grouped report - how to show group detail column headers only when group is expanded

I have a simple drill down grouped report with a group header followed by a master data band.

The group header has some memos with summary group data and the master band below it has some memos showing data from items within that group.

To make some column headers for the individual items I put some memos with plain text in them at the bottom of the group header, lined up vertically with where the individual data in the master band will appear.

This works fine when the group is expanded but looks strange when I collapse the group as obviously I still see the column headers (along with the summary group data), even though I can't see the expanded data.

Is there a better way to make column headers for the expanded data such that they only appear for that group when the data itself if expanded?


  • gpigpi Volnovakha, Ukraine

    Try to analize Report.DrillState.Strings in the script

  • I'm sorry, please can you explain a little more as I don't really understand what you are suggesting I do

  • Here is how to do it.

    Add a second group header underneath the first one with the same condition as the first one.

    Put the column headers in the lower group header and leave the memos with summary group info in the upper one.

    Set DrillDown := true for upper group header and false for the lower one

  • gpigpi Volnovakha, Ukraine

    Add a stretched memo with [Report.DrillState.Text] on the stretched group header and run report

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