Exporting to Excel using XML or BIFF exclude decimal value

I have problems when i want to export to Excel. I have tried using XML and BIFF component. I need to display a number in non decimal format, so I use "#,##0 " format. There are 2 problems;

  • First problem is that it always do round down, if i have 10,5 value it will be displayed with 10,
  • Second problem is that when i export it to excel, it removed the decimal value, so it will export he value as displayed

The report is simple, consist only a master band and a report summary band, where in the master band i put a numeric value, and in the report summary band, i put a sum of that numeric value

For each record, it will display the value round downed, but on the report summary page actually perform a sum of values with decimal then round on that value. So after i export it to excel, the value when i select all record will be different to the value in the report summary

Here is a sample to make it clearer:

This is to illustrate the problem.

As you can see display format will always round down on master band, but not on Report Summary. Round down on values with exact half on it's decimal value

This is from the report viewer, the left side is the real value, the right side is the formatted display value

Hope it clear enough to understand my question

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