See rotated JPG in FR FMX2 and export to PDF with that rotation

I am loading JPG files into PictureView and correctly see them in Preview of reports and also when they are exported to PDF.

I see references to an Angle property in the dot-net edition and in my code I know the angle to rotate, but I see no ability to specify this in FR FMX2. Must I materialize the rotated image to a file and then LoadFromFile to see it that way in the Preview?

And once it is seen correctly rotated in the Preview, do I need to do anything to assure that the report will show the JPG with the same rotation in the exported PDF? Will it use the rotated image as seen in the Preview OR the original un-rotated file?

I see some reference to checking a box for preserving "Original Resolution" in the export when this is NOT done in code, and this is said to preserve the rotation in the exported PDF. I do not see a way to specify this in code in FR FMX2, but if the rotated image will be exported as it is seen in the Preview, then just getting it correct in the preview (the first part of my question) will render this second part unnecessary.


  • gpigpi Volnovakha, Ukraine

    rotate image inside applicationand then use it in the TfrxPictureView. Prepared report will be exported to PDF like preview

  • Excellent. Now I will do that because I know it will not be a waste of time to try that approach.

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