how to change the date format with code from delphi

Hi guys, I currently change the date format from the report

1.I select the field

2.-right click, I choose to edit

3.-format-> Category-> Date time

4.-format string "mm / dd / yyyy"

now I have the need of in the same report depending on the user wants to see the format string like "mm / dd / yyyy" or like this "dd / mm / yyyy", there is some way to tell fast report to take the regional configuration of the machine ??, or to be able to tell it to take a format with code ??, currently I work with delphi 10.3 and fast report vcl 6



  • gpigpi Volnovakha, Ukraine


    var i: integer;

       c: TObject;

       m: TfrxMemoView;


     for i := 0 to frxReport1.AllObjects.Count - 1 do


         c := frxReport1.AllObjects.Items[i];

         if c is TfrxMemoView then


             m := TfrxMemoView(c);

             if m.DisplayFormat.Kind = fkDateTime then

             m.DisplayFormat.FormatStr := 'dd / mm / yyyy';




  • Thank you for your support, it works

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