Data Band that must span 2 to 5 pages

I am using the latest FR FMX2 with Delphi 10.3.3, and I think that a band that spans more than one output page would solve the problem I have with data from one record will never fit on one page. This situation occurs even though none of the fields require stretching due to variable length text such as memo data.

I have tried using additional Pages in the designer, but these appear at the end of the report, after all data for the first page. What I need is a Page 1 that has data from some fields, and a Page 2 that has data from different fields in the same record. This report will have only one Master and one Detail and one SubDetail record, and the Master and Detail are each just one row, but the data from one SubDetail needs to span pages.

Can I just give the SubDetail databand a height of something like 40 or 400 as needed to accommodate all my fields, and still get output that is correctly laid out and with PageHeaders and PageFooters as I do when I only have 1 page in the designer? Or should I try sub-reports? Any other suggested approach?


  • gpigpi Volnovakha, Ukraine

    Set Page1.LargeDesignHeight = True ans use chain of child bands

  • In my initial tests, this perfectly addresses my need. Thank you for that.

    I will have to complete the long list of Child bands before I know if the height available in the IDE is sufficient to cover all of the data. If the expanded height I get with LargeDesignHeight is a fixed number, I could encounter a problem. But if that height varies as I add more Child bands, then I will have no problem no matter how long my band must be.

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