frxDbDataset - Edit Field Aliases command causes Access Violation error

Using: FastReports 6 VCL Professional, Delphi 10.2.3 Tokyo

I have a TfrxDbDataset on a data module, and its linked to a dataset. When I right-click on the frxDBDataset component and select 'Edit Field Aliases', there is causes Access Violation error.

This is happening both with release version (ver 6.8) and the latest update (ver 6.8.6).

The exact error message is:

 Access violation at address 1BE69FE9 in module 'frx25.bpl'. Read of address 00000140.

I have MadExcept installed and the first few lines of the stack trace is as follows:

thread $3438:

1be69fe9 +009 frx25.bpl         Frxeditaliases           TfrxAliasesEditorForm.FormShow

50c27991 +015 vcl250.bpl        Vcl.Forms      4151  +1 TCustomForm.DoShow

1bd1412c +064 frx25.bpl         Frxbaseform              TfrxBaseForm.DoShow

50c2c335 +0a9 vcl250.bpl        Vcl.Forms      6922 +11 TCustomForm.CMShowingChanged

50ae4c5e +2be vcl250.bpl        Vcl.Controls   7338 +91 TControl.WndProc

Could this be a bug? Or is something wrong with my installation (outdated files etc)? Can you help resolve it? Its urgent. TIA.


  • I've now resolved the error. It turns out there were older BPL files all over the system (in Windows\System32 and the regular RAD Studio BPL folder location). After deleting these files and re-installing FastReports, it now works perfectly.

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