Color change ignored

I have some sort of legend in my report. It's just a bunch of TfrxLineView objects. During design time those were assigned some default values. However, those colors are now configurable elsewhere which means that I have to adjust those legend colors dynamically.

The code essentially looks like this (just like the code for e.g. text filling):

 auto o=dynamic_cast<TfrxView*>(fr.FindComponent("legend_line"));

 if(o) {



However, the preview doesn't show the new colors but the old predefined ones, the above code has zero effect.

Do I have to issue some sort of Update on object o or the report or is this a bug? Is there some workaround?

Thanks in advance!


  • Note, changing the attributes of "Fill" doesn't work neither:

    auto f=dynamic_cast<TfrxBrushFill>(view->Fill);

    if(f) {




    The code is being execute (so Fill is set and is a TfrxBrushFill), but also has zero effect.

  • Found it... Phew, man:

    At least for objects of type TfrxLineView changing the Color or Fill->ForeColor has no effect if done programatically.

    But there is yet another Color attribute for those objects, hidden inside the Frame attribte. And this actually works. Because I have no idea if other TfrxView descendants behave different, I now do all variants.

    Here's the complete snippet if somebody taps into this problem too:

    void SetObjectColor(TfrxReport &r, const char *name, TColor col)


    auto o=dynamiccast<TfrxView>(r.FindComponent(name));

    if(o) {

    o->Color=c; // try the obvious which failed for me

    auto f=dynamiccast<TfrxBrushFill>(o->Fill);

    if(f) {

    f->ForeColor=c; // the next one which failed too


    auto fr=o->Frame;

    if(fr) {

    fr->Color=c; // yay, this one works with my TfrxLineView





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