AllowExpressions and [ char in raw data issue.

I have a number of reports and it appears AllowExpressions is true by default.

Problem I have is the customers (1000+ locations) like to use the [ char in their data a lot.

Which this breaks thing all the time

The following error(s) have occured:

MemoOrderedBy: Error in expression '

': Expression expected

Without trying to tell our customers please don't use [ is there any way around this?

Basically format the text in the memos to escape the [ ?

Should I write a function to strip [ in every db field before trying to show it in the report?

“ExpressionDelimiters” the key to this? If I pick a different char set, possible new can of worms by picking something that may get used.

FYI I have ZERO control of the data side. Not one bit so I can't change that. My life is to work around it.


  • gpigpi Volnovakha, Ukraine

    “ExpressionDelimiters” the key to this?

    Yes, use chars which will not used in the text

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