Print report to two printers - big problem

Hi folks!

I have a big problem to print report (from database) to two printers (restaurant and copy to kitchen).

One of them works perfect, but simultanous two make crash.

This code prepare data:

 with DM.qrydruk_lines, SQL do // get lines
  Add('select * from linie where bill=:bil; and storno=:storno order by id');
  ParamByName('bill').AsInteger := main.bill_id;
  ParamByName('storno').AsBoolean := False;

 with DM.qrydruk_bill, SQL do // get bill
  Add('select * from bill where id=:id');
  ParamByName('id').AsInteger := main.bill_id;

This is my code to first print:

 main.frxReport1.PrintOptions.ShowDialog := False;
 main.frxReport1.PrintOptions.Copies := 1;
 main.frxReport1.PrintOptions.Printer := main.Konfiguracja.drukarka_kuchenna;  // name first printer

and this is code to second print:

 main.frxReport1.PrintOptions.Printer := main.Konfiguracja.drukarkakuchennakopia;  // name second printer

I did short film to explain problem.

(second printer works slow but this is not fastreport fault - is little damaged. On new printer this works same)

Of course I tried a lot of ways (thread, timer) and if I wait after first print (aproximaly 200 ms for line) second print works. But this app is for restaurant and employes don't want wait :(.

This look like fastreport after first print demaged data for short time?

Do you know any solutions?




  • gpigpi Volnovakha, Ukraine

    Try to use TfrxPreview.Print instead of main.frxReport1.Print;

  • Can I ask you for more details?

    Maybe some code?

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