PDF Export on Lazarus/Linux makes App unusable


I frequently use the PDF-Exporter TfrxPDFExport in my reporting function.

When compiling on Lazarus for Linux the call of Report.Export(frxPDFExport) creates a perfect PDF, but after that the Program does not react to any user input anymore - no reaction to mouse-clicks or keypress.

But the program is still running - looks like the whole application is just disabled.

Using another Exporter (eg. the HTML5 exporter) with the same function or exporting from the report preview via user interaction works as expected, as well as compiling with Lazarus with a windows-target or using Delphi (7) on windows.

Unfortunately my reporting framework is rather complex and cross-platform so I'm not able to post parts of the source while keeping it understandable.

So - has anyone else experienced the same problems? Any idea where to start looking?

Happened with FR 6.5 and the current 6.6.12, always using Lazarus 2.1 trunk with FPC 3.0.4 on different linux distributions.



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