Interactive Sorting?

One thing I keep getting asked is sorting ability after the fact...

I have reports where I give some options to do some sorting but users keep wanting to change sorting on the fly while viewing the report.

Any known ways on how this could be done if at all? And how it "should" be handled on the UI ...


  • gpigpi Volnovakha, Ukraine

    FR doesn't have such feature

  • My customers have made this request as well. It is a BIG downfall of an otherwise good report writer. Like you, I use a front end to the report where the users can select a SQL "Order By", but it does not cover all the cases. Some of the users do their own types of calculations and then want to sort on the results.

    I have looked at some kind of a call back routine to perform a SQL sort, but as in the above case if it is a calculated value, having to add the calculation to a temporary SQL table just to sort it seems like a dirty patch and open to failure.

    Is is too bad that Fast Reports does not have an optionally presort that calls a Quick Sort or other sorting routine enabling the users to reorder the data. Perhaps if enough of us make a request they will offer a sort utility?


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