Detaildataonbeforeprint Issue to suppress lines with zero value

I have a very elaborate formula in my Memo226 to calculate a reorder qty on stock:


The result of this gives a stock qty to reorder, Values are ether zero or > zero

I am trying to filter out the lines that do not need ordering = ie lines with zero

This is my Procedure

procedure DetailData1OnBeforePrint(Sender: TfrxComponent);




However I suspect my calculation to get the memo226 is too elaborate for the Detail date visible function to just work..

If I use a known dataset value, (like the <Main."ORESERVED" ) to test the function works to filter out those lines but my Memo226.Value does not work.

I have displayed the values in Memo226 by using the showmessage (Memo226.value); And it displaies then values in my report.. so all seem ok.

But the moment I use the  DetailData1.Visible:=Memo226.value<>0.0 then my report lines do not display at all.

Any suggestions?


  • Ok seems I've got everyone stumped here.

    let me ask the question differently

    On my report memo200 has the following content [(<Main."OOPTIMUMLEVEL">)] it prints correctly in the report with the values from the database.

    if I use the following: MasterData3.Visible:=(<Main."OOPTIMUMLEVEL">)>100 then my report filters correctly and only then lines where this value is > 100 is printed.


    if I use the following: MasterData3.Visible:=Memo200.value >100 then my report DOES NOT filter correctly and NO are printing.

    I need to be able to filter on the Memo200.Value due to the above example where my elaborate formula's result needs to be taken to filter out lines with the onbeforeprint option,

    Any one have any ideas?

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