Horizontal Tabulation in Barcode expression

Hello. My name is Björn and I work as an Engineer in the High Tech industry specilized in Electronics.

I have searched high and low but I couldn't find anything about this.

My case is as followes:

I have a label that is printed from an automated test envoirment. Till now I used a dedicated label software suite for printing labels. In that suite the sky was virtually the limit and therefor I used alot of the built in features.

The label has a QR barcode on it. In that barcode there are 2 variables devided by a horizontal tab (this because the barcode is later scanned into an Excel sheet). To do this I use the <HT> expression witin the tool.

As of now we want to start using FastReport to automaticly print this label but without compromises on the way the labels looks and behaves. So the QR barcode also nees the 2 variables seprated by a horizontal tab.

What have I tried thus far:

  • I made a QR code and added the variables in the "Expression" field of the barcode. When I combine them by + symbol the variables are both present but are printed directly after eachother. (ie. <var1>+<var2> gives var1var2) This is not the way we want the data to scanned.
  • I also tried various horizontal tab symbols but none give the correct output (<HT>, ^I and control+0009

The way we want the data to be displayed is as foloows: var1 (tab) var2. This way it wil scan into 2 different cells/fields.

Is there something I overlooked? or is it just impossible to achieve this within the barcode object in FastReport.

I use FastReport 5.4.3 (and are going to upgrade to 6.4 in the future)

Thanks for the help


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