Wrong paper size for labels with Brother QL-800


I am using a Brother QL-800 label printer to print labels of size 90 x 29 mm. Paper size looks correct on the print dialog but on some computers (not all) the printer displays an error that says that the paper size is incorrect. Apparently FR is setting the wrong paper size in some cases. What can I do to better pinpoint the problem? Are there any diagnostic steps I can take?



  • gpigpi Volnovakha, Ukraine
    1. Go to printer driver settings and ckeck if 90 x 29 mm paper size exists
    2. Go to FR designer and set correct paper size on the computer which doesn't works
  • Hello. All computers are apparently the same. All have the correct drivers and configuration. The application loads the same .fr3 file in all cases and the page size is set correctly inside that file. Here is the relevant snippet:

    <TfrxReportPage Name="Page1" Orientation="poLandscape" PaperWidth="90" PaperHeight="29" PaperSize="256" LeftMargin="3" RightMargin="4" TopMargin="2" BottomMargin="2" ColumnWidth="0" ColumnPositions.Text="" ...>

    I believe Paper Size 256 means "custom". I'll try now to set the exact paper size code (271 in my case) and report back if it solves.

  • LurkingKiwiLurkingKiwi Wellington, New Zealand
    edited March 5

    I have found strange behaviour around page sizes in the past. FR seems to search the list of papers for the current printer by dimension, even when you say "A6", and if it doesn't find an exact match, it defaults to A4.

    Across a number of printer brands and models I own, the paper dimensions for A5 and A6 varied by fractions of a mm and so FR didn't think some printers supported that size. Note that the 148mm side of A5 and A6 is officially truncated and NOT 148.5 (half of the 297 of an A4), although some printers have the half mm.

    As it's the same sort of printer you are using, it shouldn't occur, but it's a possibility that different version of the driver have a fractionally different number for the label size.

  • Tried various combinations of paper sizes to no avail. The computers all have the same driver version. It's driving me mad.

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