frxUserDataSet.OnGetValue not triggered

Hello there,

I created a simple App in Delphi 7 with FastReport6.0 (newest version), only to test a simple report based on userdata. I have a frxReport, a frxUserDataSet and a VirtualTable. The table is filled with some data-rows consisting of two datafields.

I use the OnCheckEOF, OnFirst, OnNext, OnPrior to navigate the VirtualTable. That seems to work, because when i do ShowReport() my simple report (Header, MasterBand, Footer, only with MemoView components) shows exactly the amount of rows which can be found in the VirtualTable ( 4 to 6 rows changed on the fly for testing). But the report only shows the text i entered in the reporteditor ( "Pos", "Text") but not the actual data from the VirtualTable.

I tested with a "ShowMessage(VarName)" that the OnGetValue-function is never called.

But the other functions are getting called ( OnNext, OnCheckEof). Why is OnGetValue never called?!?

Thanks for your help.


  • Ok. After a tonload of screwing around i found the solution.

    I connected the report to the Dataset "Articles" and connected the MasterBand to the SAME Dataset. Then i renamed the memviews to f.e. "memPos" and set the text of that memview to "[memPos]".

    At that point, the GetValue function of the DataSet began to work.

    I normaly would get an error for "using the same datasource in report and masterband", but i don´t get one and it simply works.

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